Multiple Teams · Get Involved….How to make sure your ready for athletics…

Biggest question I get as an athletic director is how do I try-out for a sport?  Here at Colton High School we don’t want it to be a secret….so let’s go through it….

1) Get a physical.  All physicals are good for one calendar year (physical occurred June 21, 2017 is good until June 21, 2018).  We are well aware that some insurance companies don’t allow you to get a physical until your current one has expired…please plan ahead or talk to your physician to make sure you do not miss practice time (also we have offered free physicals through Arrowhead Regional Medical Center the last 3 years in the month of June..This year’s date is June 6th 2p 850 E. Foothill Blvd Rialto, busing will be available at 1pm…).

2) Have a GPA of at least 2.0 in the last grading period.  Our grading periods are 2nd semester for 1st half of fall, 1st Quarter for 2nd half of fall and 1/2 half of winter, 1st semester for the 2nd half of winter and 1st half of spring, and 3rd quarter for 2nd half of spring.  If you don’t know if you have a 2.0, either contact your counselor or contact the Athletic Director. ***freshmen 1st quarter you are eligible no matter what grades you have….but keep in mind if you have under a 2.0 in middle school it is a good indicator if you’ll be eligible after 1st quarter ends…so please no grade lower than C on your report cards!!!***

3) Get registered on . Parents register their athletes here and what sports they are interested in participating.  This can give a contact list for coaches to make sure you have the information about their sport…but don’t just rely on this….

4) Contact the coach….all sports offered at Colton High School are listed on this site.  Their emails appear on this site also…send an email with your interest.

5)  Calendars are on this site.  These calendars provide practice and game times for each sport….if the calendar is not up-to-date please email the coach.

6) Pay attention to the announcements for meetings pertaining to your sport of interest.  You can also check the school’s website for announcements.

Yes you could just call the Athletic Director….but why???  All the information is at your fingertips on this website…why worry if he will get back to you in time….or is he at a conference…will he or won’t he call….take the worry out and take charge, and isn’t that what coaches are looking for in an athlete anyway???  Please though if there are any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact the Athletic Director…he will guide you through, we want your student to be a part of this athletic department….GET INVOLVED!!!