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As we are on the brink of ending a school year…I’m constantly reminded we need to keep going toward the next school year.  With that in mind, too many times I see athletes not register on early enough.  So let’s go through the whole task. is our athletic packet.  What it contains in basic household information (address, phone numbers, contacts, etc.), medical history, physical upload, and more importantly all the warnings about injuries; concussions; and heart issues, district protocols, and CIF code of ethics.

Injuries, please keep in mind they do happen.  Preventative measures by you as parents is the best way we can avoid them and definitely avoid them from getting worse.  Concussion have been a major focus over the last couple of years, make sure you read the warning signs of a concussion and if in doubt if your athlete has suffered one take him/her to the doctor….realistically the only one who can say it’s a concussion is a physician.  The sooner it’s diagnosed the sooner your athlete will get the proper treatment and recovery will be faster because of that.  Sudden cardiac is another serious issue you need to be up on…the symptoms are very similar to concussion symptoms with the exception of possible pain in the chest…but understand not all cardiac issues have pain in the chest.  If your athlete is in anyway acting lethargic best thing to do is take them to the doctor immediately (could be as simple as dehydration or as complex as cardiac issues…either way it could be serious).  When it comes to health of the athlete you as the parent and family members are our best weapon against serious issues.

Code of Ethic.  We are very serious in staying in step with the CIF Code of Ethics.  So much it does apply to the athlete even on campus.  An athlete should refrain from alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drug use (yes marijuana is an illegal drug for high schoolers).  An athlete must be a leader on campus, in that behavior and attendance is a very important issue for them during the day.  Lastly staying on track to graduate is the most important factor in this code of ethics, it is why we are here…to get an education.

When it comes to,  the last application of the program is that we have a current medical permission slip.  Most often times than not injuries seem to occur when a parent is not present, whether an away game or at practice.  We do hope that no injury need medical attention, but again we probably have between 5-8 medical emergencies a year that require an ambulance ride to the hospital.  These injuries spread the whole selection of athletic contests.  We need to keep current medical information on your athletes as we can.  The helpful information that we need are allergies, concussions, broken bones, or other issues that would help treat your athlete.  Your insurance company and your contact information are necessary so that the medical personnel can perform what they need to in order to treat your athlete.  The more information you give us the less you’ll have to provide at the hospital when you arrive to meet your athlete.  We would like to help take stress off you and your athlete at an extremely stressful time.

Why register now though…why can’t I wait until just before the season.  Three reasons:

  1. You registering tells the coach you are interested in the sport so they can contact you.
  2. You will get cleared well in advanced to your sport.
  3. Your student athlete will get on a list of students that the athletic director can look at for grades and GPAs.  I do contact students who are struggling academically in order to make sure at the next grading period that we as a school have tried to help him/her to achieve at least a 2.0 so they can keep participating.

This program is easier than filling out all the papers that use to be the athletic packet.  It doesn’t get “lost” and the flexibility of it allows you to provide current information, especially to medical responders.  Plus if you have multiple athletes here at the high school you need only make one profile per family…way better than filling out all that paperwork.

So please take the time today to register for your sports in the 2018-19 school year…